At last – a proven way to get rid of those annoying
water spots and stains is available in Australia.

Shower Restorer & Hard Surface Cleaner

Expect amazing results or your money back - Guaranteed

Around the Bathroom:

Shower glass/tray, tiles, tapware & more!

In the Kitchen:

Oven glass, stainless steel sinks and cooktops, plus many other surfaces!

Vehicles & Boats:

window/windowscreens, mirrors & trims

Other Uses:

Home/building windows, balustrades, laundry tubs and much more...

JUST LIKE NEW safely removes a wide range of difficult spots and stains from virtually any hard surface - and it's New Zealand Made!

JUST LIKE NEW is effective on:

  • Shower glass - makes it look like new again!
  • Glass windows on vehicles, boats, buildings and equipment
  • Chrome tapware and bathroom fixtures
  • Stainless steel sinks, shower trays, laundry tubs and railings
  • Ceramic or porcelain tiles, sinks and bathroom fixtures
  • Ceramic or stainless steel cook tops
  • Oven glass and oven interior
  • Stainless steel pots and pans
  • Glass cookware
  • Glass and stainless steel balustrades and pool fencing
  • Granite and other stone bench tops
  • Gas or wood fireplace glass
  • Aquarium and terrarium glass
  • Toilet bowl stains
  • Glass mirrors & vehicle mirrors
  • Alloy wheels
  • Chrome exhaust pipes

Difficult spots and stains include:

  • Mineral deposits (calcium, lime, silica, etc)
  • Water spots or water stains
  • Soap scum
  • Acid rain deposits
  • Lime scale
  • Rust marks
  • Salt spray
  • Exhaust stains
  • Other organic stains
    And that's just the ones we know of!